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wireless power transfer

wireless power transfer

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#1 Beebrox



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Posted 29 September 2013 - 03:08 PM

Hi all,


i am new poster here, though i've been registered since beginning of the existence of this forum.


Firstly, congrats to everybody to put together such a great forum. I wish i have spent more time here, but hopefully i will in the future. I really like the latex and other posibilites here, but what i specially like about it is that it kind of selection of people from energetic forum based on skills.



Wireless power transfer.


While i am sure, it was discused all along by various people around the globe, prototypes were made as proof as concepts, here is a document i haven't seen in any of the sites and discussions, but it was published as summary of the field on opensource science site www.intechopen.com


Wireless power transfer has different options that are described in this scienfitic literature below.  Have fun and feel free to comment, discuss and make some practice of it, if desired.



Preface IX

Chapter 1 The Phenomenon of Wireless Energy Transfer:
Experiments and Philosophy 1

Chapter 2 Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer by Coupled
Mode Theory (CMT) and Practical Considerations
to Increase Power Transfer Efficiency 19

Chapter 3 Magnetically Coupled Resonance Wireless Power
Transfer (MR-WPT) with Multiple Self-Resonators 51

Chapter 4 Network Methods for Analysis and Design
of Resonant Wireless Power Transfer Systems 65

Chapter 5 Performance Analysis of Magnetic Resonant
System Based on Electrical Circuit Theory 95

Chapter 6 Equivalent Circuit and Calculation of Its Parameters of
Magnetic-Coupled-Resonant Wireless Power Transfer 117

Chapter 7 Compact and Tunable Transmitter and
Receiver for Magnetic Resonance Power
Transmission to Mobile Objects 133

Chapter 8 Realizing Efficient Wireless Power Transfer in the
Near-Field Region Using Electrically Small Antennas 151

Chapter 9 A Fully Analytic Treatment of Resonant
Inductive Coupling in the Far Field 173

Chapter 10 Enhanced Coupling Structures for Wireless Power
Transfer Using the Circuit Approach and the
Effective Medium Constants (Metamaterials) 191

Chapter 11 Maximizing Efficiency of Electromagnetic
Resonance Wireless Power Transmission
Systems with Adaptive Circuits 207

Chapter 12 AC Processing Controllers for IPT Systems 227

Chapter 13 A High Frequency AC-AC Converter for
Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) Applications 253

download here:




Regards, Beebrox

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#2 G4ΓΓ3ττ


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Posted 29 September 2013 - 04:24 PM

Beebrox that book is a great find!


I gave it a quick skim read and liked what I saw: lots of practical experiments and interesting topologies for wireless energy coupling. Something I thought was really cool--and is never given enough thought--was the 3D field distribution of EM energy from the transmitting coils (usually seen as lobes radiating from a source).


After I finish getting some work done I plan on giving it a thorough read. I'll post something If I come across anything helpful to the CRI guys.

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#3 Beebrox



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Posted 29 September 2013 - 04:40 PM

Yes, and it's also great that it is structured to the form you can easily obtain desired info. I like what work they do in intechopen.com and hope science will be more free someday.

Well, i suspect you will find something new there, but not as much as you would desire, i think. It's a field with open end after all...

Not sure how the topic relates to CRI, but again it might my bad. I haven't studied CRI yet, just played with some basics...


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