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GarageHacker Rules and Code of Conduct

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 02:59 AM

There are certain expectations of the members of this community which aren't unreasonable and are intended to ensure that the forum runs as smoothly as possible with all members feeling welcome to post their views. While most members here are likely never to be restricted in their activities by the imposed rules we all know there are some who rules need to be explicit for. Here are the rules of the GarageHacker forum;


Treat others as you'd like to be treated

No body likes being abused or made fun of and this community is for neither of these things. If one member abuses another in a topic, PM or chat please let one of the staff know and we will attempt to remedy the situation.


If you disagree with a post be mindful of the mantra; Argue points, not people.


No excessive/unwarranted swearing

I'll be the first to admit that a well placed f-bomb does have a place in the English language but excessive swearing is not only offensive but shows a lack of intelligence. Please keep this in mind when posting.


Keep illegal/questionable content off the site

Please do not post any illegal material on the website.


Be honest

Don't claim ownership of an idea/process/device etc if you aren't the owner of it.


No trolling

Self explanatory.


Keep personal issues personal

No posting of personal messages or any other information of a personal nature (names, number, addresses, pictures) unless you have the permission from the person whose message/details you are sharing.


Post in appropriate section

While it is understandable that sometimes it is unclear where a topic ultimately should be discussed please be aware that posting things in the wrong section makes extra work for the moderating team. Blatant disregard for this rule will result in a warning.


Dispute the current theory at hand

All sound theories can be tested. Due to the alternative nature of this forum a lot of weird and wonderful theories are likely to be discussed. Some ideas discussed on this forum are likely to be false but we here at GarageHackers do not wish to base our beliefs on blind faith. While we most certainly welcome these ideas to be scrutinized we do not welcome trolling of ideas just because they go against mainstream thinking. Since all sound theories can be tested, dispute a theory by disproving it, not blind faith to some mainstream theory. An example, if someone was to claim that electricity isn't the flow of electrons and you kick and scream that it is because it said so in your textbook, you have disregarded this rule.


There are other forums online if you wish to discuss nothing but mainstream science and if you feel this site is full of 'cranks' then you're probably better suited on another website.


No commercial content

This forum is for builders and not businessmen. Please keep commercial content off the site unless you have explicit permission to post from the staff here at GarageHackers.

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